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Coal Mining in Leicestershire

Keeping Coal Alive


We are raising money for the National Mining Memorial to have a Plaque placed on the memorial dedicated to Leicestershire, Derbyshire, Warwickshire, Kent and Lancashire Miners, women and children who worked down the pits over the last hundreds of years.

Coal Mining in Leicestershire wants to spread our message of keeping Leicestershire Coal Mining heritage alive through pictures, words and exhibitions to learn from our past by talking about this in the present, so we can move forward and be inspired for our future.

We believe in communities of Leicestershire learning about what Coal was and how it shaped our history.

Painting Opposite by John W Smith a Leicestershire Artist 



Faces At The Face Exhibition by John W Smith

This was a Mining Exhibition by John W Smith showing mining art and was held at Sharpes Pottery Museum.  It shows the amazing work that John does to show Coal Mining in Leicestershire.


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Painting is by John W Smith

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Information and photographs submitted by myself and members are posted in good faith. If any copyright of anyone else's material is unintentionally breached, please email me.